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Let’s GO! 6 months Interest Free on everyday purchases of $250 or more.

Our new feature is now available in the Latitude app - how good is that!

Now you’re always good to GO!

It’s here! An even more flexible way to make everyday purchases.

Now you can get 6 months Interest Free on everyday purchases of $250 or more with your Latitude GO Mastercard® credit card. This amazing new feature is available in the Latitude app. If you haven’t downloaded the Latitude app or updated your app software recently, you will need to do so in order to access this new feature.

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Congratulations to all our winners!

Our competition is now closed. Congratulations to our 150 lucky Latitude GO Mastercard customers who have won a $500 Harvey Norman gift card.

Check out our lucky winners.

  • M. Douglas, VIC
  • S. Khan, QLD
  • C. Wright, NSW
  • M. Moore, TAS
  • G. Vukovic, VIC
  • A. Villalon, VIC
  • C. Donat, NSW
  • A. Blair, TAS
  • A. Prasad, QLD
  • W. Crocker, WA
  • H. Hawli, VIC
  • S. Chawla, VIC
  • B. Chahab, NSW
  • F. Daniels, QLD
  • A. Draper, SA
  • P. Wenta, NSW
  • D. Payne, VIC
  • R. Obrien, QLD
  • A. Laity, VIC
  • N. Noyes, QLD
  • S. Mangan, QLD
  • A. Hampton, NSW
  • F. Reid, VIC
  • A. Hughson, VIC
  • V. Allen, QLD
  • A. Houri, VIC
  • T. Sims, QLD
  • R. Wendt, VIC
  • K. Smyth, VIC
  • M. Bonfil, NSW
  • J. Hunter, QLD
  • S. Orhan, VIC
  • P. Gurung, NSW
  • J. Burke, NSW
  • A. Sales, QLD
  • S. Barberio, VIC
  • R. Tomkins, VIC
  • R. Rani, VIC
  • A. Campbell, VIC
  • S. Zordan, QLD
  • E. Hussain, VIC
  • D. Luck, QLD
  • R. Bendal, QLD
  • A. Smarrelli, VIC
  • E. Brown, QLD
  • K. Roberts, QLD
  • D. Brinkley, QLD
  • A. Robbins, QLD
  • N. Hickey, WA
  • B. Medlen, VIC
  • E. Ahmed, NSW
  • G. Adhikari, VIC
  • A. David, NSW
  • C. Stevens, NT
  • D. Mcauley, NSW
  • T. White, VIC
  • R. Roshan, VIC
  • B. Lovitt, WA
  • E. Liu, NSW
  • H. Whitby, WA
  • S. Kumar, VIC
  • L. Patena, VIC
  • R. Wadhawan, VIC
  • E. Paul, VIC
  • C. Fowler, QLD
  • J. Cary, QLD
  • K. Bowerman, TAS
  • T. Byrne, QLD
  • R. Papworth, NSW
  • C. Robson, VIC
  • P. Fallah, SA
  • S. Aggarwal, VIC
  • E. Brodie, TAS
  • N. Buttigieg, VIC
  • D. Stevenson, SA
  • R. Nelis, VIC
  • L. Robertson, TAS
  • K. Smith, QLD
  • T. Papas, NSW
  • M. Brissett, WA
  • R. Phillips, NSW
  • D. Johnson, SA
  • I. Katsoulis, VIC
  • R. Howe, SA
  • L. Segreto, QLD
  • U. Jacobs, QLD
  • D. Lahood, QLD
  • T. Fattah, VIC
  • N. Forbes, NSW
  • J. Corbett, NSW
  • C. Tye, ACT
  • S. Hodge, QLD
  • P. Hales, TAS
  • K. Eaves, TAS
  • D. Zarglis, NSW
  • C. Drossos, VIC
  • S. Olive, WA
  • B. Humby, SA
  • R. Hennessy, QLD
  • R. Embelton, VIC
  • E. Mcminn, NSW
  • T. Amatto, ACT
  • L. Hawkins, TAS
  • I. Sorson, SA
  • J. Mellejor, SA
  • D. Kee, VIC
  • J. Grayson, SA
  • A. Juboor, NSW
  • C. Bowditch, QLD
  • T. Pearce, VIC
  • J. Greene, NSW
  • E. Britten, ACT
  • M. Morley, NSW
  • H. Akbar, NSW
  • A. Spicer, NSW
  • N. Rana, NSW
  • G. Carneiro, SA
  • C. Cortinas, VIC
  • A. Basillote, NSW
  • L. Thew, QLD
  • J. Javeed, NSW
  • G. Isaaks, NSW
  • J. Barnes, QLD
  • V. Simpson, QLD
  • Y. Gough, QLD
  • K. Halligan, QLD
  • P. Patel, NT
  • C. Symonds, QLD
  • E. Rollason, QLD
  • G. Singh, SA
  • R. Lapham, VIC
  • D. Watts, NSW
  • L. Mclean, QLD
  • T. Andersen, QLD
  • A. Zunker, QLD
  • A. Zunker, QLD
  • K. Darby, NSW
  • K. Bradshaw, NSW
  • R. Venkatachalap, NSW
  • S. Holloway, QLD
  • H. Baboli, NSW
  • H. Baboli, NSW
  • J. Coupar, VIC
  • A. Danford, NSW
  • S. Tauri, QLD
  • G. Cochrane, WA
  • L. Alwis, NSW
  • E. Goedhart, QLD
  • R. Kilgower, NSW
  • J. Coupar, VIC

How to access this feature

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Step 1

Make sure your Latitude app software is up to date.

Step 2

Make an everyday purchase of $250 or more.

Step 3

Go to the Latitude app, select your purchases and submit to get 6 months Interest Free.

Winning gift cards are valid at these great retailers.

Harvey NormanDomayneJoyce Mayne

Let's shop Interest Free.

Don't forget you can shop Interest Free at thousands of our retail partners!

Important information

This giveaway is authorised under permit numbers SA T21/1978, ACT TP21/02187 & NSW Authority TP/01268. The giveaway runs between 9 December 2021 and ends 13 January 2022. Every purchase of $250 or more selected and successfully submitted for 6 months Interest Free will give one entry into the giveaway. Eligible transactions do not include cash advances, credit fees or charges, credits, refunds, reimbursements or balance transfers into your account.

Further competition terms & conditions apply, click here to view the full details.