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Application & activation

  • What are the approval criteria for GO MasterCard?

    Like most financial institutions, we work on a credit check system and we consider if the card is unsuitable for you given all the circumstances. We also need to make sure we are identifying the right person, to prevent fraud. We take many things into consideration when reviewing an application. And, while we don't disclose the specific details of our criteria, if you're declined we'll let you know in writing.

  • What will my credit limit be?

    Credit limits vary from person to person. The information you supply in your application will help us determine your credit limit. If your application is approved, we'll then let you know your credit limit.

  • When can I expect to receive an answer on my application?

    If you apply online and provide all the necessary information, we can give an answer on your application within 60 seconds in most instances. If you apply in-store you'll also receive a response quickly.

    In some instances further information may be required to process an application. If further information is required we will inform you during the application process.

  • Can I track my application?

    You will receive updates about the status of your application via email. However, you can check your application status at any time by calling 1300 004 646. Please ensure you have your application number available when calling.

  • If my application is approved, when can I expect to receive my card?

    It will take approximately 5-10 working days from your approval for you to receive your card.

  • Can I use my card as soon as I get it?

    You will need to activate your card before you start to use it. (This helps us ensure the right person has received your card). Don't forget to sign your card immediately.

    To activate your card call 1300 462 273. After this your card will be ready for use. When you are activating your card, please follow the prompts to select your own Personal Identification Number (PIN). After this your card will be ready for use.

  • Why do I have to activate my card?

    For security reasons, cards are sent to you inactive. Activating the card validates that it's been received by you.

  • How do I activate my credit card?

    Please call Customer Solutions on 1300 462 273 and follow the prompts. It only takes a couple of minutes.

Credit limit

  • What happens if I go over my credit limit?

    You'll receive a message within 2 business days via either email, SMS or post from the time your account goes over limit. This is a free service provided to you. You should only receive one over limit alert between each statement period. There are no charges for going over your credit limit.

    We recommend registering for the Online Service Centre to monitor your account balance.

  • How do I know what my credit limit is?

    If you apply online you'll be notified of your credit limit when your application is approved.

    Your credit limit can also be found on the top right of your monthly GO MasterCard statement. Alternatively, you can log onto the Online Service Centre to check it any time. It's important to note that your credit limit can be different from your available cash limit.

  • What is my cash limit?

    Your available cash limit can be found under 'Account Summary' in the Online Service Centre. It's also available on your statement. It's important to note that your available cash limit can be different from your credit limit. Please note daily cash withdrawal limits apply.

  • How often can I apply for a credit limit increase?

    We are able to review your credit limit every 6 months.


  • If I don't have access to my statement, how can I make a payment?

    We offer two fee-free repayment options for your convenience – Direct Debit and Pay My Account via the Online Service Centre – whatever suits you best.

    You can utilise BPAY to make a payment to your account. The BPAY biller code is 443887, and you can use your card number as the reference number. We recommend that you update this to the account number when your statement has been received.

    Please note payments can take 3-5 business days to clear, and a payment handling fee applies.

    See Managing Your Account for further information about available payment options and turn around times.

  • What do I do if I cannot afford to make my repayments?

    If you are having difficulty making your minimum monthly repayments please talk to us. The sooner you contact us, the more likely we will be able to assist you.

    Visit our Hardship page

  • How will I track when my payments are due?

    You'll receive a statement every month, showing the minimum monthly payment amount you're required to make and the due date, plus any overdue payments and over limit amounts.

    You can choose to receive email alerts to remind you when your payments are due. Simply log-on to the Online Service Centre to set-up alerts.

  • Can I make a payment on a particular 0% Interest Payment Planpurchase?

    Unfortunately you can't choose which 0% interest payment plan is paid off first. We pay off the purchase that is due to expire first to make sure you reduce any chance that you’ll have to pay interest.

  • What happens if I don’t pay off my interest within the 0% Interest Payment Plan period?

    You'll begin to incur interest on any outstanding amount from the date your 0% Interest Payment Planperiod expires. Interest will not be backdated, but you should try and pay off this purchase as soon as you can to reduce your interest.

    You can continue to make purchases using a 0% Interest Payment Plan, up to your available credit limit, even if you have another expired promotion on your account.

  • How are the minimum monthly repayments calculated?

    The amount you need to repay appears on your monthly statement. If monthly payments are required, it's calculated at 3% of the total outstanding balance or $25, whichever is greater (plus any overdue payments and over limit amounts and any instalments payable on instalment purchases).

    You can set up a direct debit to make sure your minimum monthly payments are made on time automatically. Call us on 1300 462 273 to arrange this or complete a direct debit form.

    Remember, to avoid any interest charges at the end of your interest free period, it is likely that you will need to pay more than the minimum monthly payment each month.

  • There’s information on my statement about paying more than the minimum monthly payment. Can I keep paying the minimum each month?


  • How do I set up direct debit to pay my account?

    To set-up an automatic direct debit, simply complete and return the direct debit request form

  • I made a payment via BPAY and its not appearing on my statement or the OSC?

    It may take up to 3 business days for your payment to appear in the Online Service Centre.

    You can sign up for Payment Confirmation email alerts in the Online Service Centre, which will notify you as soon as your payment has been received.

  • Will you remind me when my payment is due?

    You can choose to receive a Payment Reminder email which is sent to you 7 days before your payment is due. You can also choose to receive an email confirmation when your payment has been received.

    To set-up alerts, Log on to the Online Service Centre and update your preferences under Manage My Details.

  • What is my biller code/Customer Reference Number?

    You can find your biller code or Customer Reference Number on any of your statements.

    Statements can be accessed by logging into the Online Service Centre.

    Please note you can use the biller code & your card number as the Customer Reference Number (CRN) to make your first payment


  • How do I choose my own PIN?

    To make it easy to remember your PIN, you can choose your own number. A PIN makes your GO MasterCard even more secure and you can create your own PIN with a simple phone call.

    You can get it done in three easy steps.

    • Call 1300 462 273
    • Have a pen and paper handy and your card number ready and say "Select PIN" at the prompt.
    • Follow the instructions to choose your own 4 digit PIN
  • What happens if we detect a suspicious transaction?

    As part of our ongoing commitment to keep you safe and secure, if we identify a suspicious transaction on your account, our Fraud Team may communicate with you using an automated contact system. Allowing us to promptly contact you via phone or SMS, this technology provides a quick and easy way for you to verify whether transactions on your account are genuine by responding using your phone’s keypad. In instances where you do not recognise a transaction, this system will transfer you to a consultant to discuss the matter further (if outside of hours, our team will contact you first thing the following day).

  • Who do I call if my card is stolen?

    Our lost and stolen team are available 24/7 and will be able to assist you. Call Customer Solutions on 1300 462 273.

    If you're overseas call us on +61 3 9425 4886.

  • Do I need a PIN?

    In Australia, you can still authorise your transactions with a signature until April 2014. In other countries, you may be required to enter your PIN. Please make sure you have one before leaving Australia.

    You can select your own PIN by calling us on 1300 462 273.

  • How does MasterCard SecureCode™ work?

    MasterCard SecureCode™ performs a real-time risk assessment on transactions made at participating online retailers. In most cases you won't notice any change, however, on some transactions we may prompt you to enter a six-character security code, which will be sent to you instantly via SMS. This is to ensure that the transaction you are about to make is authorised by you.

    When you make an online purchase at a participating merchant, a page may automatically appear asking for a unique security code or answers to security questions. This is similar to the way your bank asks for your PIN at the ATM. When you correctly enter the code (or answer the security questions) your card issuer confirms that you are the authorised cardholder and your purchase continues.

  • How does MasterCard SecureCode protect me?

    When you correctly enter the security code (or answer the security questions) during an online purchase at a participating merchant, you confirm that you are the authorised cardholder and your purchase continues. If the security questions are answered incorrectly, the purchase will not go through. So even if someone knew your card number, they would not be able to use your account at that merchant.

  • Why am I seeing this MasterCard SecureCode screen?

    This authentication screen may appear when you are shopping online at participating MasterCard SecureCode merchants. Once you have confirmed your identity by correctly entering either the security code (or answering the security questions) that are on the page, you will be able to continue with your purchase.

  • What happens if I don't receive a security code?

    If you don't receive a security code, this may mean that the mobile number that is registered to your account is not up to date. You can still proceed with your transaction by selecting the button 'I didn't receive a code' which will direct you to the security questions that are personal to you and your account. Once you have answered the security questions correctly you will be able to continue with your purchase.

Transaction dispute

  • How do I dispute a transaction on my account?

    It’s not uncommon for transaction disputes to be the result of a misunderstanding. Before contacting your merchant or the GO MasterCard team to raise a transaction dispute, please take a moment to consider the following scenarios and whether they apply to your individual situation:

    • I did not authorise the transaction / I do not recognise the company name on my statement:

    Many companies use different trading and merchant names to identify their stores. This is especially prevalent for online merchants. If you do not recognise a merchant description on your statement, a quick internet search or phone call to the company may help clarify the nature of the goods or services they provide.

    If your account has supplementary cardholders, be sure to check whether they could have made the purchase(s) in question.

    Finally, it’s a good idea to think back to the date and dollar amount, as this may prompt your memory. If you use a calendar or diary, check what you were doing on the day of the transaction (include dates either side, as it’s not uncommon for there to be a delay from when you make a purchase, to when it shows on your account).

    • The goods received are not as described:

    Check the merchant’s return policy. This policy should be clearly displayed in-store or on the sales voucher.

    Important: In face to face transaction environments, always inspect the goods carefully before purchase. Furthermore, obtain a detailed description of the goods/services on an invoice before/with payment wherever possible.

    • The goods or services are not received/rendered:

    Double check the expected date of delivery, as you are unable to initiate a transaction dispute if this date has not yet passed.

    If you purchased the goods from overseas, consider whether the goods could have been confiscated by Australian Customs. Refer to the Australian Custom website for more information.

    Important: Before making purchases from overseas merchants, familiarise yourself with Australian customs rules. When you are having goods delivered (domestically or internationally), always obtain written confirmation of the expected delivery date.

    • The transaction amount on my statement differs from my receipt:

    This usually happens when you have made a purchase overseas or the merchant is based overseas. Foreign currency exchange rates change daily and therefore the amount you pay may differ depending on exactly when you make a purchase.

    • I do not remember making a purchase on the date reflected in my statement:

    As with scenario one, think back to the date and dollar amount to help prompt your memory. If there are any supplementary cardholders on your account, be sure to check with them.

    Finally, it’s not uncommon for there to be a delay from when you make a purchase, to when it shows on your account. Please consider purchases you may have made a few days either side of the transaction date on your statement.

    If you have considered the above scenarios and are still questioning one or more transactions on your account, please call us immediately so we can investigate the issue and if required, block your card/account to prevent further unauthorised purchases. If you would like more information on the transaction dispute process, download our Transaction Dispute Guide.

  • Will I be held liable for unauthorised transactions on my account?

    No, if there’s a fraudulent transaction on your GO MasterCard, you will not be held liable if you have not contributed to the loss and notified us promptly of the theft, loss or misuse of your card/account. You also need to have abided by the Conditions of Use (COU).

  • Who do I speak to if I have a dispute about my interest free transaction?

    If you have a dispute about your interest free transaction – for example, you have been given the incorrect promotion or interest free period, please feel free to contact us on 1300 462 273 and we will try to resolve the issue.


  • Is there interest charged on local and overseas cash advances?

    Yes. Cash advances are charged interest from the date of withdrawal.

Using your card

  • Is MasterCard accepted globally?

    MasterCard is accepted around the world at retail outlets and ATMs. You can use your MasterCard at over 32 million locations worldwide.

  • Can I only get long term interest free at the store where I initially made my purchase?

    No, you can access a range of interest free promotions at thousands of stores around Australia and you can purchase again up to your available credit limit without having to re-apply.

    Use our Store Locator to find an interest free retailer near you.

  • Do I have to pay off my interest free purchase before I can use my card again?

    No. You can shop again, up to your available credit limit and make additional interest free purchases or just use the card as you would a normal credit card. To avoid interest on these transactions, you must pay off all long term interest free balances before their expiry date. This may mean you have to pay off other balances too. See Conditions of Use booklet for details.

  • Do I have to pay a fee for withdrawing money from an ATM?

    Not if you use a Westpac ATM. There is no ATM owner fee for cash withdrawals from Westpac ATMs but you will be charged owner fees from non Westpac ATMs. You'll be advised of the charge at the time of the withdrawal.

  • How safe is MasterCard PayPass™ to use?

    It’s as safe as any chip-enabled credit card. You only get billed for the purchases you make. Your card never leaves your hand when you Tap & Go™ so you are always in control. And, should the worst happen and someone else uses your card, with secure encryption technology and Zero Liability protection, MasterCard and our security systems continue to protect you from unauthorised transactions. If you would like to know more about Zero Liability, visit mastercard.com.au and click on zero liability.

  • What is "Buy now, pay later"?

    "Buy now, pay later" is a repayment option that requires no payments during the buy now pay later promotional period.

    The other repayment option is interest free, where monthly payments are required during the interest free period and which is also interest free during that period.

  • How do I withdraw cash from an ATM?

    To withdraw cash, insert your card in the ATM, enter your PIN and select the Credit option.

  • I contacted GO MasterCard on Twitter and was asked to complete an eForm. Where do I find this eForm?

    You can access the eForm here.