GO Mastercard


Some of the ways we help keep you safe and secure.

Use your GO Mastercard with confidence

At GO we are committed to keeping our customers safe and secure by utilising some of the best people, processes and technology available.

  • Chip card

    A chip card is a credit or debit card that uses an embedded security microchip to protect confidential data that’s stored on your card. It sits on the front of your card and is in the shape of a small gold square.

    The microchip on your card encrypts your account information in a more secure format. This enables an increased level of card protection, reducing the chances of your personal details being copied fraudulently. This coupled with our additional security features like Falcon™ monitoring, works to better protect your card.

    As Australia makes the transition to chip technology, chip cards may be used in different ways at different merchants. With some, you will use your chip card the same as a magnetic stripe card, by swiping it through a terminal and entering your PIN, or by signing a receipt.

    Terminals that can identify your card as a chip card will display a message on screen advising you to insert your chip card and leave it in the terminal for the entire transaction. You will then be required to enter your PIN number, or press the OK/Enter button and sign the receipt to authorise the transaction.

    Your existing PIN can be used with your new chip card. If you don’t remember your PIN, or you want to select your own PIN, just call our Customer Solutions department on 1300 462 273.

    In Australia, you currently have the choice of using your PIN or signing to authorise the transaction.

    Many countries have made the move to chip and PIN technology, so if you're travelling overseas, please ensure you have a PIN before leaving Australia.

    In Australia, you can still authorise your transactions with a signature, but as some countries have phased out signatures, we recommend a PIN for people travelling overseas.

    Simply call our Customer Solutions department on 1300 462 273 to arrange for a new chip card. You can download our brochure containing information about the chip card and other security features and services available to GO Mastercard customers.

  • Mastercard® SecureCode™

    Mastercard SecureCode is a security measure that verifies your purchases in real time, whenever you shop online. Verification helps to reduce credit card fraud and unauthorised credit card use.

    Mastercard SecureCode adds an extra layer of protection by helping to confirm your identity through either a security code or through security questions, during select online transactions. Mastercard SecureCode lets you enjoy extra security and peace of mind when shopping online at participating merchants.

    Mastercard SecureCode performs a real-time risk assessment on transactions made at participating online retailers. In most cases you won't notice any change, however, on some transactions we may prompt you to enter a six-character security code, which will be sent to you instantly via SMS. This is to ensure that the transaction you are about to make is authorised by you.

    When you make an online purchase at a participating merchant, a page may automatically appear asking for a unique security code or answers to security questions. This is similar to the way your bank asks for your PIN at the ATM. When you correctly enter the code (or answer the security questions) your card issuer confirms that you are the authorised cardholder and your purchase continues.

    Mastercard SecureCode

    When you correctly enter the security code (or answer the security questions) during an online purchase at a participating merchant, you confirm that you are the authorised cardholder and your purchase continues. If the security questions are answered incorrectly, the purchase will not go through. So even if someone knew your card number, they would not be able to use your account at that merchant.

    Aside from the added protection that Mastercard SecureCode provides, the only impact to your purchase will be that you'll need to enter the security code (or answer the security questions) when the authentication screen appears. It only takes a few seconds to confirm your identity.

    You will be able to purchase at merchants that accept Mastercard but do not participate in the Mastercard SecureCode service, but you will not be asked to enter a security code (or answer security questions) at these merchants. To complete your purchase, simply follow the traditional checkout process.

    The authentication screen may appear when you are shopping online at participating Mastercard SecureCode merchants. Once you have confirmed your identity by correctly entering either the security code (or answering the security questions) that are on the page, you will be able to continue with your purchase.

    If you do not receive a security code, it may mean that the mobile number registered to your account is not up to date. You can still proceed with your transaction by selecting the button "I didn't receive a code" which will direct you to the security questions that are personal to you and your account. Once you have answered the security questions correctly you will be able to continue with your purchase.

    To update your mobile number please visit the Online Service Centre or contact Customer Solutions on 1300 462 273

    If you are not able to confirm your identity through either the security code that is sent to your mobile or the security questions, unfortunately you will not be able to proceed with your purchase at this time.