GO Mastercard

Managing Your Account

All the handy hints, tips and answers to everything you wanted to know about GO Mastercard
  • Online access to your account

    Access your account anywhere, anytime with our Online Service Centre.

    Registering for the Online Service Centre is simple and lets you:.

    • Manage your account and update your details
    • Access your statements anywhere and anytime
    • View your transactions instantly
    How do I change my contact details?

    There are many ways you can update your contact details. The easiest is via the Online Service Centre.

    Register for the Online Service Centre today

    It only takes a few minutes. Just make sure you have your mobile phone on hand. If not, please have your card plus a recent statement with you to help answer some questions.

    Register now
  • Managing your PIN

    If you don’t remember your PIN, or you want to select your own PIN, just call our Customer Solutions department on 1300 462 273.

  • Credit limits

    Going over your credit limit

    For your convenience, we've introduced a credit limit alert that informs you via SMS, phone call or post within 2 days of your account going over the limit.

    There are no charges for going over your credit limit, but you may not be able to make some transactions until the balance has been reduced.

    You can use the Reduce Credit Limit Form to request a credit limit reduction.

  • Additional cardholders

    To share the convenience of GO Mastercard with a family member or loved one, add an additional cardholder using our online application form, or please call 1300 462 273 and ask for an additional cardholder application form.

  • Payment options

    GO Mastercard lets you choose the most convenient way to make your repayments:

    Direct debit:

    You can call us on 1300 462 273 to set up your Direct Debit over the phone or download a Direct Debit Request form here.


    Make payments electronically using your bank's phone or internet banking service. BPAY is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To make a payment, quote the GO Mastercard Biller Code (443887), your account number and the amount you wish to pay.

    Please note you can use the biller code & your card number as the Customer Reference Number (CRN) to make your first payment.

    Payments are processed during business hours, so make sure you complete your transaction before your bank's cut-off time or the due date.

    Online Service Centre:

    The quickest and easiest way to make repayments. Simply log into the Online Service Centre, click ‘Pay My Account’ and enter your bank details. Registering is easy and only takes a few minutes, just make sure you have your card or 16-digital account number on hand.

    Please be aware that payments can take 3-5 business days to clear and you can only make one payment to your card account every 5 days. We do not charge you a fee for payments made via the Online Service Centre.


    Send the tear-off payment slip on your monthly statement with your cheque or money order, payable to GO Mastercard, to:

    GO Mastercard

    GPO Box 1300

    Melbourne VIC 3000

    Australia Post:

    Simply take your statement and pay at any Post Office. A payment handling fee of $2.50 applies to each transaction.

    If you are having difficulty making your minimum monthly repayments, please talk to us. We have a hardship policy, which may allow us to tailor a solution to your circumstances. Please refer to our hardship page for more details.

  • Understanding your statement

    To help you manage your account you’ll receive a month statement (if you have activity on your account).

    If you have a paper statement delivered by mail you'll be charged a paper statement fee every month. However, you can change your statement delivery preference anytime and save yourself a monthly paper statement fee by receiving online statements. Simply login to the Online Service Centre and follow the instructions under 'Statements'.

    If you have any questions regarding your statement, please call our Customer Solutions team on 1300 462 273.

    Online Service Centre

  • Managing your interest

    0% Interest Payment Plans

    Monthly payments

    Making regular monthly payments is a good way to pay off your 0% Interest Payment Plan purchase. Where possible, try to pay off your total amount payable by the due date each month – refer to your monthly statement. Direct debit is a great way to make sure you make payments without the risk of incurring overdue fees.

    If you are on a Buy Now Pay Later plan you will not need to make regular monthly payments, however regular payments on your Buy Now Pay Later plan can help reduce the need to make big payments near the end of your plan.

    Additional payments

    There are no penalties for making additional payments, or for paying off your purchase before the 0% interest period expires.

    Buy Now Pay Later plans do not require you to make regular monthly payments, but Interest Free and Instalment Interest Free plans require you to make a monthly payment.

    If you are on an Instalment Interest Free or Interest Free plan you will not need to make additional payments during the plan period. If you make additional payments during the interest free period this will help you to pay off your purchase ahead of time.

    Multiple 0% Interest Payment Plans

    If you have multiple 0% Interest Payment Plans on your account, you’ll need to pay each of them off in full, by the applicable expiry dates. To allocate payments to specific plans please call our Customer Solutions team on 1300 462 273.

    0% Interest promotion period expires

    If you haven't paid off your purchase within the 0% interest promotional period, interest is only charged on the outstanding balance. Interest will not be backdated.

    Everyday credit card

    You get up to 55 days interest free on MasterCard purchases1. Just pay the outstanding balance in full by the due date every month to take advantage of this benefit. Remember that interest is charged from the day of a cash advance so you cannot avoid paying interest on this transaction.

    1To take advantage of up to 55 days interest free on everyday credit card purchases, you must pay the full balance of the account (excluding unexpired 0% interest promotional plans) both for the statement before the purchases were made, and for the statement on which the purchases are listed.

  • Redeem points

    To view or redeem your points you'll need to visit the GO Mastercard Online Service Centre.

  • How to make an insurance claim

    We believe that making an insurance claim should be straight forward and hassle-free. You can make a claim online for some of the cover types, complete a form and send it in or call us on 1800 800 230.

    Find out your options for claiming on Buyer's Protection cover below.

    Merchandise Protection

    Stolen Card cover

    Involuntary Unemployment


    Collate your evidence and send your claim by:

    Secure Document Upload

    GPO Box 1571
    Sydney NSW 1025

    1300 362 642

    Sending in a claim?

    Completed claim forms can be sent via


    GPO Box 1571
    Sydney NSW 1025


    1300 362 642

    Call to discuss a claim

    Speak to a member of our team by calling us on 1800 800 230

    Mon - Fri, between 8:30am to 5pm (AEST)

  • Forms & Brochures

    Helpful paperwork for your GO Mastercard.

    Below is a list of useful forms and brochures. To print and complete the forms, you’ll require Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. You can obtain a free copy from Download Adobe Reader

    If PDF format is not suitable for you, please contact GO Mastercard Customer Care.

  • Changes to your credit card

    Where can I find information on changes to my credit card?

    Click here for information about the changes.