GO Mastercard

Why Samsung Pay?


Thanks to Samsung Pay, you can now use your GO Mastercard®, in just a tap.


With iris scan^, real time notifications, finger print and pass code authorisation, Samsung Pay ensures your compatible Samsung device and identity is protected>.


Samsung Pay is available now, wherever you see the contactless payment symbol.

Set up & use Samsung Pay?

Set Up

  • Open the Samsung Pay app, follow the on-screen prompts and tap install to begin
  • Sign in to your Samsung account
  • Take a photo of your GO Mastercard or enter your details manually
  • Verify your GO Mastercard by sms or phone
  • Start tapping with Samsung Pay and GO Mastercard


  • Swipe up on your Samsung smartphone
  • Choose your GO Mastercard
  • Authorise your payment
  • Hold your phone close to the payment terminal, pay and away you go

Set Up

  • Open your Samsung Gear Manager on your smartphone and tap ‘setting’ to select Samsung Pay
  • Sign in to your Samsung account
  • Take a photo of your GO Mastercard or enter your details manually
  • Verify your GO Mastercard by sms or phone
  • Start tapping with Samsung Pay and GO Mastercard


  • Hold the top button on your Samsung Gear
  • Enter your 4-digit PIN
  • Choose your GO Mastercard
  • Hold your Samsung Gear close to the payment terminal, pay and away you go


Adding my card in Samsung Pay

  • How do I add my card in Samsung Pay?

    1. From the Home screen, touch Apps.
    2. Touch Samsung Pay.
    3. Touch ADD or, if this is the first payment card being added, touch Add a credit card or debit card.
    4. Align your card inside the frame to automatically detect the card number and expiration date. Note: Touch Enter card manually if your device cannot detect the card information.
    5. Please verify the information captured by the camera.
    6. Enter the remaining information and touch NEXT.
    7. Review the terms and conditions, and then touch AGREE TO ALL.
    8. If necessary, select a method to authenticate your identity using a one-time password (OTP) or by calling the bank.
    9. Enter the OTP and touch SUBMIT.
    10. Enter your signature like you would sign on the back of your card and touch SAVE. Note: If you are unsatisfied with your signature, touch Retry to sign again.
    11. Touch DONE to complete the process.
    12. After your card is added to Samsung Pay, it will be verified by the payment card network (i.e., Visa, MasterCard, or American Express) and the card issuer. On average, verification will take approximately 5 to 10 minutes. During that time, you will be unable to use your card in Samsung Pay. Note: You can continue to add cards while others are being verified.
    13. After the card is verified, it can be used immediately to make a purchase.
  • How do I register my Iris in my device? (applicable for Galaxy S8 and S8+ only)

    1. On the Apps screen, tap Settings.
    2. Tap Lock screen and security.
    3. Tap Irises.
    4. To use your irises to unlock your device, you must set a pattern, PIN, or password. Remember it, as you will need to use it when the device has been restarted or device has not been used for more than 24 hours.
    5. Before using the iris recognition camera and LED, read disclaimer and keep the precautions in mind*. Then, tap OK.
    6. Read the on-screen instructions and tap CONTINUE. To register only one iris of your eyes, tap You can choose to register only 1 iris.
    7. Now, hold your device 25~35cm away from your face with the screen facing towards you and position your eyes in the circles shown on the screen. And, remove your glasses or contact lenses because wearing glasses or contacts when unlocking your device or verifying your identify may cause the device to have difficulty recognizing your irises. Keep your eyes open fully and look at the top of the screen. Iris recognition may not work properly in direct sunlight. For best results, avoid direct sunlight and perform this process indoors. And, keep the camera clean as dirt and debris on the iris camera, LED sensor, or proximity sensor may cause the device to have difficulty recognizing your irises. Position your eyes inside the circles on the screen and open your eyes wide. The iris recognition camera will scan your irises.
    8. When an iris lock pop-up window appears, tap ENABLE to use your irises to unlock the screen.
    9. When you swipe in any direction on the locked screen, the iris recognition screen will appear. Look at the screen to scan your irises. If your iris is not recognized within 10 seconds or you are close to it, the device will automatically stop iris recognition to protect your eyes.

About Samsung Pay

  • What is Samsung Pay?

    Samsung Pay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service that lets users make payments via a compatible device to securely pay with your card in store.

  • Which devices can I use Samsung Pay with?

    Samsung Pay is compatible with a range of devices. Please visit http://www.samsung.com/au/apps/samsungpay/ for more information regarding compatible devices.

  • Can I add more than one card to Samsung Pay?

    Yes, you can add up to 10 cards in Samsung Pay.

  • How much will Samsung Pay cost?

    There is no additional fee for using Samsung Pay.

  • Where can I find out more information about Samsung Pay?

    You can read more about Samsung Pay on the Samsung Pay website.

How to use Samsung Pay

  • Where can I use Samsung Pay?

    You can use Samsung Pay with an eligible card wherever you use your plastic card to make contactless payments.

    Samsung Pay is widely accepted across both Near Field Communication (NFC) and Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) terminals. MST payments do not require the merchant to upgrade their payment terminal, making Samsung Pay available for use at nearly all payment terminals with a card reader.

    Samsung Pay uses both NFC and MST to send payment information to the terminal. The transaction is seamless, whether using NFC or MST, allowing for a better user experience. Both technologies are equally secure, using a unique digital card number in place of your actual payment card’s number.

  • Can Samsung Pay make online or in-app purchases?

    Not currently. Samsung Pay is focused on enabling simple and secure in-store payments. Online and in-app purchases may be considered for future releases of Samsung Pay.

  • How do I pay in store using my Samsung Device?

    To make a purchase in store, you will need to:

    1. Initiate Samsung Pay by either swiping-up from the home button or opening the Samsung Pay app from the home screen.
    2. Select the card you want to pay with by swiping left or right.
    3. Verify your fingerprint and touch your phone to either the card reader or NFC reader to complete the transaction. Alternatively, enter your 4-digit Samsung Pay PIN if you have chosen not to use the fingerprint feature. Please note that you must wait until the verification is over before touching your phone to the reader or an error might occur.

    Note: Do not share your Samsung Pay PIN or let anyone else, including family members, have their fingerprint registered to your device while your card is registered in Samsung Pay.

    If you experience unusual activity on your card whilst using Samsung Pay please advise us immediately on 1300 462 273

  • How do I pay in store with a Samsung Gear?

    1. After putting on your Gear, you will be prompted to enter PIN once to authenticate the device. Samsung Pay on Gear needs to be authenticated each time the Gear smartwatch is put on and requires a periodic connection to a compatible smartphone with Samsung Pay and internet access.
    2. Press and hold the Back button to launch Samsung Pay.
    3. The last card used or latest card added will be shown (If you have more than one card added, select the card you want to pay by swiping left or right, or by rotating the bezel to select card).
    4. Tap on the "Pay" button to make payment.
    5. Place the top crown of your Gear near the NFC or MST area to pay.

    Note: Do not share your Samsung Pay PIN with anyone else while your card is registered in Samsung Pay.

    If you experience unusual activity on your card whilst using Samsung Pay please advise us immediately on 1300 462 273

  • Do I ever need to use a PIN for Samsung Pay?

    You may be required to enter your card PIN on the terminal in store for transactions over $100.

  • Can I use my Samsung Pay to purchase interest free transactions?

    No. Samsung Pay is not currently set up at this time to support interest free purchases made using your card. You will need to use your plastic card.

  • Do I need an internet connection to use Samsung Pay to make purchases?

    Samsung Pay requires an active internet connection for card registration and activation.

    However, an active internet connection is not always required to make in-store purchases.

    Ideally, the device should connect to the internet once per day to ensure that Samsung Pay stays up to date. You may be able to make purchases before you will need to connect to the internet and refresh the Samsung Pay token.

  • Will Samsung Pay work overseas?

    Yes. Samsung Pay will work while you are overseas and wherever contactless payments are accepted.

    It is recommended that you have an alternative plastic card with you as a backup when travelling overseas so you don’t get caught out.

  • Can I use Samsung Pay at contactless enabled ATM’s?

    No, Samsung Pay does not currently work at contactless enabled ATM’s.

  • Do I still get reward points when I use Samsung Pay?

    Yes. You will continue to receive rewards on your account when you pay with Samsung Pay.

  • How do I return an item purchased with Samsung Pay in store?

    All purchases made with Samsung Pay can be returned according to the store’s policies. If you return an item paid for with Samsung Pay, the store may require you to tap your device onto either the card reader or the NFC reader to complete the return.

Managing my card in Samsung Pay

  • How can I keep track of purchases I’ve made with Samsung Pay?

    You are able to view the last 20 transactions made with your device in the Samsung Pay app for one month from the time of purchase.

    A full list of transactions made with your card log can be viewed in the Online Service Centre.

    Additionally, a real-time push notifications with transaction details can be sent after each Samsung Pay purchase*

    *Real-time push notifications require an active internet connection.

  • How do I make my card my default card for Samsung Pay transactions?

    There is not a "default" card in Samsung Pay. When you open the Samsung Pay app the first card displayed is either the last card you registered or the last card you viewed or used.

  • Can I add my card to Samsung Pay on multiple devices?

    Yes. You can add your card to Samsung Pay on a maximum of 5* different Samsung compatible devices.

    (*Unless you have added your card onto other mobile wallets such as Apple Pay or Android Pay)

  • Do cards already registered in Samsung Pay app on my Mobile automatically import to my Gear?

    No. Samsung Pay app in your mobile is different from Samsung Pay in Gear Manager. You need to register your cards separately in Samsung Gear Manager on your mobile in order to use Samsung Pay on your Gear.

  • How do I remove a card?

    1. Go to the Samsung Pay App on your phone, select the card you want to remove and select remove card; or
    2. Perform a factory reset (either using your phone or via Samsung’s Find My Mobile. If you are using Samsung’s Find My Mobile your phone will require network connectivity.
  • I am a primary credit cardholder. Can I block an additional cardholder from using Samsung Pay?

    You can request for an additional card to be stopped by calling us on 1300 462 273 which will prevent it being used for all transactions, including those through Samsung Pay.

    Note: Ensure any additional cardholders do not share their passcode or let anyone else, including family members, have their fingerprint registered to their device while their card is registered in Samsung Pay as you will then be liable for transactions that are authorised in this way.

  • If I receive a reissued card, do I need to update my card information with Samsung Pay again?

    If your card has expired, and you activate your reissued card, you don’t need to do anything. Your new card details will automatically be updated in Samsung Pay.

  • Can I still use Samsung Pay if I report my card as lost or stolen?


    When you inform us that your plastic card has been lost or stolen, we will cancel your card which will then automatically cancel the corresponding card number in Samsung Pay. Once you receive and activate your new card, you will need to add the new card to Samsung Pay.


  • Is Samsung Pay secure?

    Yes. Samsung Pay protects payment information with several layers of security keeping information separate, not storing your card details (other than a device-specific token) and has the added security of Samsung KNOX, where fingerprint or password authentication is required for every transaction.*

    When a payment is made at the terminal, the merchants will only see the Digital Account Number. When you set up Samsung Pay, you’ll have to establish an authentication method to authorise payments (either a PIN or biometrics identifier e.g. fingerprint) and Samsung Pay requires you to authenticate every transaction

    Remember to never share your Samsung Pay PIN or let anyone else, including family members, have their fingerprint registered to your device while your card is registered in Samsung Pay.

  • What happens if my Samsung Device is lost or stolen?

    If your device is lost or stolen, you can lock your phone, suspend and /or cancel your card your card using ‘Find My Mobile’.

    1. Lock your Samsung Phone

    You will need to login to Samsung Find My Mobile service and place a lock on your phone. This will stop all potential purchases on your phone as the phone will need to be unlocked before a transaction can proceed. 

    You will then need to complete a remote factory reset that will remove your card from your phone (and all other content).  Note that this won’t come into effect if the phone does not have network connectivity. 

    You can continue to use you Plastic Card.

    2. Suspend your card

    You will need to login to Samsung Find My Mobile service and suspend your card. 

    You can continue to use you Plastic Card.

    3. Cancel Card

    Alternatively, you can call us right away on 1300 368 125 and we will cancel your card.

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*To take advantage of up to 55 days Interest Free on every day credit card purchases, you need to pay the full closing balance (excluding un-expiring 0% Interest Payment Plans) on each statement of account by the applicable due date.

^Iris scanning only available on Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. Iris authentication may not function in certain circumstances

> Samsung Pay will only work on compatible Samsung smartphones