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All the information you need to understand your GO Mastercard and how to use it.


Tap, go, cruise.

Now when you’re getting around Sydney Harbour, there’s only one card you need. Use your GO Mastercard® on trips as an alternative way to pay between Circular Quay and Manly on Harbour City Ferries.

  • Just tap your GO Mastercard® (or Apple Pay if you’ve added your card) in and out at the ferry touchpoints
  • Your fare will be deducted using secure Contactless technology
  • Enjoy the sights. Easy.
  • How much is a fare?

    Only full fare adult single trips can be charged to your GO Mastercard. The cost is the same price as an Adult Opal Single Trip Ticket. Fares can be found at opal.com.au.

  • Can I purchase multiple fares with one card?

    You can only purchase one fare per card. Likewise, you can’t hand your card over the gate to pay for another fare as your entry will be denied.

  • Do I have to take my card out of my wallet to tap on?

    Touching more than one card (multiple credit/debit cards and/or Opal card) close to a reader could result in card clash. This means a different card than the one you intended could be charged, or the reader may not recognise a single card (multiple cards can’t be charged) and the gates won’t open. To avoid this, ensure the only card you tap on the reader is the one you want charged for your trip.

  • When do I get charged?

    After you tap on and pass through the gates, you may notice a pending transaction of $1 on your account. Once the full transaction amount is approved by us, it will be replaced with a transaction for the full value of the fare with a description on your statement indicating it was charged by Transport for NSW Travel.

  • What happens if I tap on then decide not to travel?

    Tap on reversals apply if you choose to leave the wharf before you travel. This means you can tap off at the same ferry wharf where you tapped on (within 30 minutes) and your card won’t be charged.

  • What if my card doesn’t work?

    If the card hasn’t been properly presented to the reader, the gates won’t open, so try tapping a second time. If the gate still doesn’t open, you’ll see the message ‘Card Not Valid’ and an error code to indicate why the card was rejected. If this happens, speak with Harbour City Ferry staff at the gate for help, however you might be required to contact us.

  • What happens if my card is declined?

    This may be because your card account doesn’t have enough funds to pay for your trip – the error code at the gate will help staff confirm this. If this happens, you’ll need to transfer funds to your account, then tap your card at the reader to re-authorise payment. This can take up to one hour to process after which you’ll be able to travel.

  • Are my personal details secure?

    Your personal information is properly safeguarded and processed in accordance with the requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS).

  • How can I query a charge/get a refund?

    For refunds, you’ll need to complete a Refunds Request form on the Opal website. Your request will be assessed against Transport for NSW refunds policy and if a refund is approved, the funds will be returned to your account. If we consider the charge correct but you think it needs further investigation, you can contact Opal Customer Care at opal.com.au.

  • How can I get more information?

    To find out more, visit www.transportnsw.info or call 131500. Harbour City Ferries staff will be able to provide general information and assist if your card is not accepted at the gates.

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